Raymond E. Murray, Sr.

From ashes to ashes
From dust to dust
To each one born
Dying is a must
But you will live on with us in thought.
You’re always with us
Tho we see you not.
And when we join you
As we all will someday
You’ll already be settled in
And you can show us the way.
See you again, Dad.
~ BKM ~

Raymond E. Murray Sr. passed away on June 9, 2016 at Life Care Center of Brookfield, in Brookfield, Mo. He was born to Authur J. Murray and Dolores Murray on July 19, 1944.

He is survived by Raymond E. Murray Jr.., Tamara Dawn Proffitt, Candy Dee Murray, and A.J. Murray; 12 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren; two sisters, Dolores Gearhart and Donna Podgornik; and one brother, Robert J. Murray.

He was preceded in death by his mother and father, Arthur and Dolores Murray; one sister, Lorraine Murray; and two granddaughters, Diana Marie Murray and April Marie VanGordon.

Ray Murray was known for his love of animals, during his lifetime he had many, many animals that he loved dearly. Contributions may be made to the House of Hound in Butler, Mo., 10 S. Orange St., Bulter, MO 64730. 660-200-6639 houseofhound.org.