John “Popo” Richardson

July 8, 1952 – September 11, 2015

John “Popo” Richardson joined his father, Gene; brother Jimmy; baby sister, Kimberly and other family members in a heavenly reunion on September 11, 2015. An avid history buff, John would’ve preferred his death be on more positive American historical dates such as August 6th or September 2nd (sometime in the very far off future).

John’s wife, Carol and daughters, Bobby and Veronica, can attest that his trip from here to heaven was the first time John ever seemed to be in a hurry. They remember the guy who upon arriving late to his cousin Karen’s home for Thanksgiving (right across from his own home) said he’d run into traffic.

John’s siblings and in-laws/outlaws, Gwen (Jake), Danny (Terri) and Ginger (Roger), are left wondering who will rewrap the gifts from mom, Boots, so she doesn’t know they were ever opened. John left this world knowing he wasn’t really adopted, though for years he was suspicious given that his older siblings, Gwen and Danny were born in hospitals while he was born at home.

John’s mom, Boots, remembers John’s childhood obsession of reenacting historical battles with his toy soldiers including realistic burials after a lawn mower battle killed off most of his World War II regiment. In his adult life, he would leave these collectibles in their boxes and admire them far away from any lawn mower.

His grandchildren, Leia, Asher and Caleb are wondering who this “John” guy people are talking about was. They only knew a man named Popo who was exactly like John. Popo deep fried bacon in lard, gave them love, laughs and never a stern word.

John loved to tell a good joke. In fact, John’s son-in-law, Josh, has a head filled with jokes told by John the papers refuse to reprint here. Out of fear of catching fire, he won’t be sharing during the services held at Orrick Baptist Church in Orrick, Mo., 3 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Anyone wishing to hear the jokes can join in the dinner reception after the service held at the church. Josh will be waiting for you in the parking lot.

John’s best friend since boyhood was David. John’s daughters feel they are now old enough to hear those stories of “river rat” debauchery, but that remains for David to decide.

John “Popo” Richardson disproves the adage that nice guys finish last. He got to heaven before all the rest of us. The rest of us are sad he didn’t drag his feet a while longer.

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